Is Eurasian Water Milfoil Winning? Fall '15 surveys by lake: Buskey Bay 2015 Fall survey Lake Millicent 2015 Fall survey Hart Lake 2015 Fall survey Twin Bear 2015 Fall survey Eagle Lake 2015 Fall survey Flynn Lake 2015 Fall survey


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Information on noxious weeds in Bayfield and surrounding counties.


News and information about lakes and water resources in Wisconsin.


8/1/15 Annual Meeting

5/23/15 Directors Meeting

8/2/14 Annual Meeting

5/24/14 Directors Meeting

8/31/13 Directors Meeting

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2010 Year-End Statement

Treasurer's Report 8/10/11


Bayfield County Lakes Forum

Wisconsin Association of Lakes

Bayfield County Website

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

DNR Pike Chain Fishery Survey

The long-awaited survey from the DNR is complete. Read it here.

Understanding Invasive Threats

Read a concise report to help understand the threat invasive species present to our lakes.

Understanding the Invasive Species Threat

Where are the Walleyes?

Bill Swenson, PCA Fisheries Committee Chair, describes the history and future of walleyes on the Pike Chain.

Check out the history of fish stocking on the Chain.

Want to know more about fish?

Two papers, published by Bill Swenson are now available on our website. One deals with largemouth bass and the second deals with walleyes. Click below to read more.

EWM Treatments

The report on the effectiveness of EWM treatments is available. It's encouraging as well as interesting.

The final maps for 2012 treatment are in. Treatment exceeds the earlier estimate but is still an improvement over past years.


Iron River Police Department

The Iron River Police Department will check on your property while you're away for the winter or just on vacation. Just fill out the form and mail to IRPD (address on the card at the bottom of the form). When you return, you'll find a record of the security check on the back of your form. Click the link below for a printable form (pdf).

IRPD Vacation Check Form

Monitoring Reports by Lake

One volunteer on each lake in the Pike Chain collects water clarity information using a Secchi disk. The data is available through the links below.

"The doomiest charts on the web"

"Desdemona Despair is the clearinghouse for all of the very worst news about the future of life on Earth, such as global warming, climate change, deforestation, overfishing, acidification, oil spills, resource depletion, drought, pollution, overpopulation, dead zones, mass extinction, and doom.

Click the logo to see for yourself...

Attendance was good at our 2015 Annual Meeting August 1. There are still some 300 property owners on the Chain that do not belong to the Association. If you are one of them, please contact any of the Directors listed below for information.

Final Report: AIS Control & Prevention

Here's the final report on our 4-year project to control Eurasion Water Milfoil

A look at our history

Here's a brochure dating back to the 1940s or 50s offering Pike Chain real estate and showcasing Pine Crest--all 3,000 acres of it.


A series of 6 posters, designed to spread the word on threats to our lakes.


Contact Your Directors

Click on the name to email

Al Bochler, President

Eddie Wangensteen, Vice President

Jay Kernan, Treasurer

Kristen Sandager, Secretary

Jay Johnson

John Joseph

Howard Lehman

Greg Ogren

Martha Oie

Joe Rapacz

Deb Sharbonno

Kari Wangensteen


Clean Boats Clean Water "Office" at Twin Bear Park

Paige Harlow is a 5th generation Pike Laker. Her Grandmother posted a Facebook video of Paige's fishing exploit.


Poison Ivy Island-Lake Millicent

Artist Sally Witz has created a series of paintings celebrating "Pike Chain Perspectives." 100% of the proceeds from sales of these prints is donated to Iron River Pike Chain of Lakes Association. Check Sally's website at the link below.

Sally Witz' Website

Volunteer Reports

The success of your lake association is based in part on members willingness to volunteer their time and talents to resolving issues that challenge our lakes.

One requirement of some of our grants is that we provide matching funds. Part of these funds can be "in kind." In other words, we get credit for our volunteer labor. To justify our claims, we must have documentation of the donated labor expended by our members.

If you have spent time working on one of Pike Chain's projects--marking EWM on GPS, diving for milfoil, staffing the Twin Bear or Hyde's boat landing, marking purple loosestrife, making presentations, etc.--please record your hours and send your time report to us.

Your participation is simple:

Click here to access the form (pdf)

Enter your name, dates worked, work description and number of hours. Sign the form. Mail to address at bottom of form.



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